John's Instruments

John plays a Romanian Gliga fiddle.

John plays a 1920's Paragon banjo which was given to him by his music teacher, Brendan Mulkere many years ago when John first started playing. He has recently purchased a second banjo for touring purposes as he fears for his paragon every time it has to enter an aircraft's hold! John's 2nd banjo is a Clifford Essex Imperial.

Recently John has acquired a brand new OME banjo here is what he says about it
"Having played and believed whole heartedly in vintage banjos all my life it was with some trepidation that I tried these brand new OME banjos. I was given a hand crafted instruments to try. The instrument had a 12inch pot and I took to it immediately. It has the depth of tone I constantly look for, coupled with an extra sustain which is a particularly great quality for Irish banjo players as this allows our music to breathe. I found I didnít need to be quite so busy in order to highlight the essence of the tunes. The ability of the instrument to sustain and lengthen the notes has given me a new zest for playing the banjo. Another characteristic I enjoy about it is its immediate efficiency, thereís no wrestling with it like with older instruments, it stays in tune and every note is true even the low A, B and C on the G string which is such a plus. Basically it is ready to play as soon as you take it out of the case and I think it has definitely improved my playing. I am so looking forward to gigging with this instrument."

Tenor Guitar
A 1949,4 string Martin which he bought from John Walsh in Alaska.

John has recently purchased an Eamonn Cotter flute, his second from Eamonn..

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