The Good Mixer
1. The Limestone Rock / The Humours of Loughrea
2. The Fermoy Lasses / Sporting Paddy / The Blackberry Blossoms
3. Dermot Byrne’s / Tom Busby’s / The Stolen Purse
4. The Culfadda / Paddy Mills’ /The Noon Lasses
5. Jackie Fitzpatrick’s / Tommy People’s /Tie the Bonnet
6. The Bucks from the Mountain / The Standing Abbey
7. The Cedars of Lebannon / New Year’s Eve
8. Sean McGuire’s / Andy McGann’s
9. Fasten the Leggin’ / The Lark in the Morning
10. The Green Mountain / Marion Egan’s
11. The Old High Reel / Charlie Lennon’s No.4
12. Caliope House / The Wedding Reel
13. The Harvest Moon / The Bond Store
14. The Swan’s Nest / The Kerfunken
15. Mulhaire’s / The Ballintra Lass / Cregg’s Pipes

2015 (RR011)
Noel O'Grady (bouzouki), Henry Benagh (fiddle), John Carty (banjo) & Marcus Hernon (flute) played regularly together at a session on Saturday nights at a pub called 'The Good Mixer' in Camden town, London during the late 1980's. By 1989 conditions in Ireland had improved considerably and everyone had their sights firmly set on moving, so The Good Mixer sessions finally drew to a close. Just before the exodus began the band got together for the last time at John Carty’s house and recorded as much as would fit into an afternoon (with Bernadette McCarthy providing piano on some tracks). The recording has lain more or less forgotten since that time, but John was recently asked about it and was surprised at how fresh it still sounded. The sound is lively and tight and is simply the product of a group of musicians who played regularly one night a week for the love of it. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed playing it.

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John Carty & Brian Rooney
1. Morris Scanlon’s / The Wandering Minstrel / Up Leitrim (jigs)
2. The Bunch of Green Rushes / The Stone in the Field / Corry Hilly (reels)
3. O’Dwyer’s / Kilannon’s / Killavil Fancy (hornpipe/reels)
4. The Worn Torn Petticoat / Spike Island Lassies (slide/reel)
5. Old John’s / A Thousand Farewells (jigs)
6. Collier’s / Rakish Paddy / Pinch of Snuff (reels)
7. Bonny Annie / The Clare Dragoons (polkas)
8. My Own Western Home (waltz)
9. Highest Hill in Sligo / Palmer’s Gate (reels)
10. Fig for a Kiss / Dooney Rock (slip jigs)
11. Granuaile / Green Groves of Erin / The Mountain Top (barndance/reels)
12. Old Arboe / The Battering Ram / The Drimacoo Reel (air/jig/reel)
13. Humours of Ballinlass / O’Callaghan’s (hornpipes)
14. Ensemble Set (jig/barndance/reel/jig/reels)

2011 (RR010)
Having played for years together John Carty and Brian Rooney have finally made a recording of their duet playing. Their individual creativity and spontaneous, subtle melodic variations are allowed to flourish within a shared musicality producing a partnership which is more than the sum of two fiddles. There are guest appearances on fiddle by John's son, James, and Brian's brother, Mickey. Accompaniment is provided by Alec Finn, Arty McGlynn and Brian McGrath.

For those who love Irish traditional music, this recording will prove an exciting, inspiring and historic recording of the utmost significance and quality – Liam O’Connor

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Meadbh - The Crimson Path
1 The Birth of Meadbh
2 Reading the Signs
3 Courage
4 Thoughts of Plunder
5 Heart Warrior
6 Omens
7 The Path
8 Saddle your horses
9 The Journey
10 The Lines of Road
11 Cuchulainn’s Stand
12 Death of Ferdia
13 The Capture of the Bull
14 A Meeting of the two Bulls
15 Homecoming
16 Aftermath and Contemplation
17 The World still loves Women
18 The Death of Meadbh
19 The Moon Woman

2011 (RR009)
Meadbh -The Crimson Path, is a unique collaboration between poet Ann Joyce and traditional musician and composer John Carty. Through original narrative, poetry, music and song, it relates the legend of Queen Meadbh (Maeve), fabled warrior queen of the Irish province of Connacht and journeys through the ancient and mythical landscape of 1st century Celtic Ireland. Signs and symbols were an important feature of this landscape and the queen's destiny was always foretold with portents and omens.

All music composed and arranged by John Carty. Poetry and song lyrics composed by Ann Joyce
Performed by:
John Carty: Violin, flute, tenor guitar
Ann Joyce : Spoken Voice
Alec Finn: Bouzouki and guitar
France Gaffney: Guitar
Johnny McDonagh: Bodhran
Mary Staunton: Song vocal on Saddle your Horses, Homecoming and The Moonwoman
Maggie Carty: Song vocal on The Moonwoman

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Pathway to the Well
1  Johnny Gorman's / The Galway Rambler / The Crosses of Annagh / McFadden's Handsome Daughter   
2  Fergal O'Gara's/ Good Morning Nightcap / onlon's Dreams
3  The Pathway to the Well / Pride of Rockchapel / The Gold Ring
4  The New Line to Loughaun / Spoil the Dance
5  Easter Snow
6  Lord MacDonald's
7  The Plains of Boyle / The Belharbour
8  The Humours of Lissadell / Paddy Ryan's Dream / Mama's Pet
9  McDonagh's Salute   
10  Fred Finn's / Tom Steele's / The Hare in the Heather
11  Clarke's / Cherish the Ladies / Edenderry Reel
12  Willie Coleman's / The Goldfield
13  Ballinafad / Killavil Post
14  The Bloom of Youth / McGovern's / Tom Ward's Downfall / The Grand Spey   
2008 (RR007)
Matt Molloy & John Carty team up on flute and fiddle for a musical journey through the landscape of North Connaught. Guitar accompaniment is provided by the legendary Arty McGlynn.
Includes liner notes by Merrily Harpur.

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I Will If I Can
1  The Steam Packet/Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrell (Reels)   
2  The Kilfenora Set (Jigs)
3  Queen of the West/City of Savannah (Hornpipes)
4  Sporting Nell/Matt People's (Reels)   
5  Kimmel's/The Clare Shout (Jigs)   
6  Galway Hornpipe/Maid In The Cherry Tree (Hornpipe/reel)
7  Brian Rooney's (Jig/reel)
8  The Warbling Robin (Barndance)
9  Cooley's/Maid Behind The Bar (Reels)   
10  O'Carolan's Concerto/O'Carolan's Draft   
11  Father Kelly's/Moving Cloud (Reels)
12  De Dannan's (Hornpipe/reel)
13  James Morrison's (Two-steps)
2005 (RR005)
Personnel: John Carty (banjo,tenor guitar,fiddle); Brian McGrath (piano,tenor guitar); Alec Finn (bouzouki, tenor and acoustic guitar); Johnny McDonagh (bodhran).
Includes liner notes by Peter Woods.

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At It Again
featuring Jim Donoghues   
and polkas - The Roosky/Tom Morrison's   
2003 (SHAN CD78054)
Personnel: John Carty (fiddle); Francis Gaffney, Arty McGlynn (guitar); Brian McGrath (tenor guitar, keyboards); Alec Finn (bouzouki); James Carty (flute). Includes liner notes by Brendan Gleeson.


It's Not Racket Science - At the Racket
1. Home Boys Home /Rocky Road To Dublin/Dublin Bay
2. The Wreck Of The 99 / Dem Golden Slippers /Goodbye Mick, Goodbye Pat
3. Stack Of Barley / Bantry Bay
4. Maloney Puts His Name Above The Door
5. Lady Anne Montgomery / Martin Mulhaire's
6. Boys Of Ballisodare
7. The Linnet's Chorus / The Beautiful Goldfinch
8. Won't You Come, Come Back To Connemara
9. Roscommon Polka /The Kilglass Lakes /What Brought You In There
10.Kitty Gone A Clinking Coming From The Fair/Pat Ward's/Trip To Birmingham /Darby's Farewell
11. A Drink In The Morning
12. Julia Delaney / Paddy Fahy's
13. Maggie's Afternoon Nap

RR008 2008
John Carty, Brian McGrath, Seamus O’Donnell and Michael McCague

“The music of At the Racket makes you smile” – Arty McGlynn
It’s Not Racket Science is the new album from 1920’s inspired Irish trad band At the Racket. Formed in 1997 this is the band’s third CD and marks the opening of a new chapter with the introduction of their newest member, guitarist Michael McCague.

It’s Not Racket Science delves into the golden era of recorded music with a new freshness to the songs, medleys, waltzes, reels, polkas and jigs. Seamus O’Donnell art at story telling through song is perfectly captured here. His rendition of “Maloney Puts His Name Above the Door” is a highlight of the album. It has not been recorded since the Flanagan Brothers in 1930 and is perfectly suited to Seamus’ velvet voice. His saxophone contributions are at their playful best as he throws off the harness on timeless favourites such as the “Stack of Barley” and on big reels like “Julia Delaney’s” and “Paddy Fahy’s” never before explored with such instrumentation.

For It’s Not Racket Science Brian McGrath showcases more his virtuosity as a banjo player on such delights as “Lady Ann Montgomery” and “Liam Farrell’s” where he is duelling banjos with John Carty. On this CD McGrath’s vamping piano is once again the anchor behind the band.

The shackles are off John Carty in this recording, his innovative and imaginative fiddle playing create his comfort zone of both abandonment and control where he is totally relaxed and at home. Included are two of Carty’s own compositions the reel “What Brought You in There” and “Maggie’s Afternoon Nap", a swingy little tune that just captures the fun, joy and musicality that is At the Racket.

Mike’s timeless tenor guitar playing has brought a new freshness to the racket sound. Whether it is on bouzouki, tenor guitar or guitar Mike’s maturity and experience belies his young years. One of the hottest young accompanists in the country!

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Yeh, Thats All It Is
featuring Far From Home   
and John's timeless composition, Seanamhac Tube Station   
2001 (SHAN-CD78034)
Personnel: John Carty (tenor guitar, fiddle); Arty McGlynn (guitar); Brian McGrath (banjo, keyboards). Includes liner notes by Daniel Michael Collins.


Last Night's Fun
featuring Tanseys Favorite/The Heather Breeze,
Devaneys Goat/The Whistling Postman,
and The Home Ruler/The Boys of Bluehill
1996 (SHA-CD-79098)
Personnel: John Carty (fiddle, flute, banjo); Francis Gaffney (guitar); Brian McGrath (keyboards); Garry O'Briain (mandocello). Includes liner notes by Daniel Michael Collins, Gregory Daly and Don Meade.


Upon My Soul - James Carty
1  Queeen's Hornpipe / Down the Meadow
2  Boys of the lough / The Devil's in Dublin
3   The Streamstown Jig / The Stolen Purse
4  Kitty's Gone a Clinking Coming From the Fair / Pat Ward's
5  Trip to Birmingham / Darby's Farewell
6  Siney Crotty's / Piper's Broken Finger
7   Sailor's Bonnet / Anderson's
8  John Towey's / Mulvihill's
9  Major Moran's / Peg McGrath's
10  Bill Harte's / Connie the Soldier
11   The Merry Harrier's / The Hut in the Bog / Flowers of Red Hill    
12   The Road to Rosroe / Tae in the Bog
13  The Caucus / Peter Flanagan's
2006 RR006
James Carty's debut album on flute featuring Alec Finn(Bouzouki), Francis Gaffney (guitar), Joe Kennedy (bodhrán), John P Carty (flute), John Carty(flute and banjo)
Includes liner notes by Michael Hynes and Gregory Daly.

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John Carty